Artificial flowers supplier/agent in Tianjin China

Artificial Flowers | sztuczne kwiaty | umjetnog cvijeća | flor artificiales | kunstbloem | umetne rože |

umelé kvetiny | Flores artificiais | Fleurs artificielles | Fiori artificiali


Artificial flowers

High simulation flowers, usually refers to the use of silk, wrinkle paper, polyester, plastic, crystal made of fake flowers, as well as dried flowers baked with flowers, the industry is generally known as artificial flowers. Artificial flowers, as the name suggests, is to use flowers as a blueprint, with cloth, yarn, silk, plastic and other raw materials to imitate.

The shape of high simulation flowers is free and varied, and can be knitted, folded, folded, rolled, wrapped, bent, tied, glued and other methods; High simulation flower materials are very wide, yarn, hemp, wool, wood, polyester, non-woven fabric, paper, hair, metal yarn and other materials can be used as raw materials.

Extensive materials, easy to learn technology, modeling, and good product sales, which is the fundamental reason why the processing industry of high simulation flowers has been favored by more and more small and medium-sized investors.

Simulation flower shape realistic, delicate and vulgar drop, but its vitality for a long time, and no delicate flowers: flower rod arbitrary bending, flowers and leaves at will curl, petals are not afraid of kneading, but not deformation, easy storage, packaging and transportation, which is the direct driving force for high simulation flower trade to flourish.


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